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Get N95 level protection for your home starting at $10 per month. Nano air filters are independently lab tested and designed to capture 98.4% of viruses and 100% of common allergens - and sent to you on a smart schedule so you only change them when you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just buy filters without subscribing?

During our beta, we are not selling filters in bulk or for direct purchase. Our mission is to improve the air that you breathe. And to do that, we provide a customized air filter program delivered on a schedule designed to maximize your home air quality. In the future we will offer bulk filters for sale, so be sure to sign up for our marketing email.

How much do Nano Filters cost?

Our filters are currently only available through a subscription designed to maximize the quality of air in your home, which means that we need to know where you live, how big your house is, and other information before creating a filter plan. Our monthly subscriptions start at $8 per month, and are as high as $55 for larger homes. Shipping is always included in your cost.

Are Nano filters electrostatically charged?

Yes, Nano filters are manufactured using fabric that is infused with static electricity to give it an electrostatic charge that enhances the capture of a variety of unhealthy nanoparticles in the air you breathe at home.

What are MERV Ratings?

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings system was invented in 1987 by ASHRAE with the goal of protecting HVAC equipment from big chunks of dust and dirt that can prevent it from running properly – or worse, damage the system. The MERV scale of 1-20 is intended to measure the general effectiveness of capturing particulates — but its intended use is to protect machines, not your health. 

Should I be concerned about restricted airflow with Nano filters?

We recommend referring to your HVAC warranty or owner’s manual to determine what MERV filter rating will work best for your specific system. All Nano filters are rated Merv 13+. Operating your HVAC system with clogged filters due to infrequent changes causes restricted airflow and is where concern for system stress should come from. Most systems installed in the last 15+ years should be able to use our filters.

What does N95-level filtration mean?

Home air filters use the same material found in medical-grade N95 masks, which have an electrostatically charged middle filter layer of meltblown. Nano Home filters have also been independently tested by Nelson Labs, and are designed to capture 98.4% of viruses, and nearly 100% of allergens.

What’s the difference between Nano Carbon and Regular Filters?

Carbon filters have an added benefit of eliminating smells from the air. If you are in an area with wildfires, or have pets at home, carbon filters will help cleanse the air of smells.

Why doesn’t Nano sell the filter size I need?

For the Beta, Nano has opted to sell the most commonly requested and widely used air filters, however, we collect the information for requests of other filter sizes so we know which filters we need to expand our product line with first.

When will my filter order ship?

Your order will ship within 24 business hours of being placed. Typically orders placed on the weekend will ship the following Monday.

How much does shipping cost? Where won’t you ship to?

Shipping is done via UPS Ground and is 100% free. Right now we are only shipping inside the continental U.S.

How do I track my order?

Once an order has been shipped tracking information will be automatically emailed to you.

How do I update or cancel my Nano Subscription?

For any account related questions or requests, please contact our support team or email

What side should the filter face when installing it in my HVAC?

When installing a home air filter into your system, always make sure the filter is pointing the same direction of the arrow listed on the sides. This is to ensure the air is flowing in the proper direction. The other rule of thumb is to make sure the metal mesh is facing away from you, positioned on the side of the air return duct. When in position you should only see the white pleated material.

What size filter do I need?

The best way to tell what size filter you need is to look at the size printed on your existing air filters. Alternately, you can carefully measure the opening that your current filter fits in. Note: If you measure the space the air filter will occupy, you will generally need to select a filter size slightly larger than your opening. This is because the actual filter dimensions are slightly smaller than their listed size. This is an industry standard practice. For example, a filter labeled “20 x 20 x 1” actually measures up to ¼” - ⅜” narrower than that in all dimensions. (E.g. - 19 ¾  x 19 ¾ x 1)

Why should I replace my air filter regularly?

Routinely replacing your air filter will help keep the air inside your home cleaner. Regularly replacing filters can also keep your energy bills lower and extend the life of your A/C system.

What gets captured by home air filters?

Only MERV 13+ Nano Home air filters are rated to capture dust, mold, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and a variety of viruses like Zika, Influenza, & Covid-19. 

What else can I do to improve air filtration at home?

There are plenty of things you can do to improve air filtration at home, which we write about often on the Nano Blog. Check it out now for lots of tips, tricks, and helpful knowledge.

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